The practical value of the rehearsal, prior to a wedding, can never be over stated. It is important to meet at the wedding venue, at the same time that the wedding is going to take place, so that we can place the bridal party in the best position in order to take advantage of the available light / shade / protection, anticipated on the day.

From most couple’s perspectives, it is important to allay all of their fears by going through all aspects of the ceremony and demonstrating that all contingencies have been covered.

From the point of view of the other participants, the rehearsal proves invaluable as they are able to see where they have to go, and they get to rehearse their moves and/or words within the context of the real ceremony.

For any readers you may have, they will benefit on several levels. Firstly, they get to use the microphone and practice their ‘microphone technique’, and secondly, they will receive some professional advice on reading poetry in public and general public speaking techniques.

Page boys and flower girls gain immeasurably from their experience at the rehearsal and it certainly pays off the following day, due to them knowing where to go and what to do when they get there. For them, the only negative would be that they may suffer ‘stage fright’ two days in a row!

For me as your celebrant, I benefit in knowing that I have taken every possible step in ensuring that your actual ceremony will eventuate exactly as you have planned.