Dear Bruce,

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for your incredible support to Don and his girls, at France’s funeral service. Some folks have a capacity to extend themselves and provide so much kindness, care and consideration to others and this note is to assure you that everything you did in compiling such a wonderful service was so much appreciated (particularly by my sister and I, living in other states).

Everyone appreciates how difficult the contact with a recently bereaved family can be, and you also gave the family a very special memory with your initial visit. Thank you! On a personal note, I very much appreciated too, that you were able to use some of my words. I had not injected any humorous anecdotes but you covered that area admirably.

The service was a wonderful balance of highs and lows and certainly, “a celebration of a most special person’s life.” Thank you for giving us, that final, lasting impression. We know, without a doubt, that you too, are a very special person!

Thank you,

Lorice and Wally.

Dear Bruce,

Brian and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your valuable contribution to Dad’s funeral. Your heartfelt presentation of his eulogy certainly helped us all to celebrate Dad’s 73 years. I know he wanted us to celebrate 100 years, but that wasn’t to be. People gained an insight into the many sides of his personality. I think even he would have been surprised to hear the many observations made but would have been wondering what all of the fuss was about.

Thank you also, for being my ‘right-hand man’, even though I showed my Dad’s independence and wanted to do it myself. We appreciated your support on the day as both Brian and I have other big issues in our life at the moment. Keep up the excellent work; you are a very special person.

Warmest regards,

Coleen and Brian.


On behalf of my siblings and our families, we would sincerely like to thank you for conducting the service for our Dad …. We cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and compassion that you showed Lesley and ourselves and, most importantly, Dad. You made a very difficult time easier for us.

Thank you,


Dear Bruce,

We wish to express our thanks for the wonderful service you delivered for our mother, Frances. When you first visited Don’s house on Monday and, after spending so much time, we realised that we had before us a very special human being … who enjoyed fruit cake.

We all felt immediately comfortable in your presence, ready to share the stories and essence of who our mother was. Your care, and genuine interest, ensured that this process for us was uplifting and, in many instances, humorous. By Monday night we were, however, questioning ourselves,
“Could this Bruce fellow, be as good as we think he is?” As we had been raised to not get our hopes up, we proceeded with caution.

Wednesday arrived, and the morning disappeared in much of a blur …Then the time came…
As the music faded, this Bruce fellow began to speak … and, when he spoke, we knew it was going to be alright. But, it was better than ‘alright’, it was bloody fantastic – even the bit about Warnie! Everything we wanted to say was there. Bruce delivered the Fran sayings just as she would have. We sat with pride and reflected on the life of this wonderful woman who was our mother.

When we initially sought the services of a celebrant, we expected someone who would pay attention to details, dates and names etc. What we got, however, was a unique person who touched our lives during a profound time and has left us with a lasting impression. We will remember with much fondness the anecdotes you shared and your genuine warmth. We are sure, too, Fran would have awarded you an ‘Elephant Stamp’!

Many of those present at Mum’s funeral commented that it was the most beautiful, uplifting and celebratory funeral that they have attended.

So Bruce, we thank you.

Pam, Alison, Dianne and Don.