Many couples choose to renew their vows, for many and varied personal reasons with, in many cases, more intensity and belief than on their original wedding day.

For some, it may be due to the ‘survival’ of a particularly difficult period of life, caused by severe illness or injury, personal financial hardship, or some other deeply traumatic event that has impacted on not only them, but their immediate and extended family. As a result, they wish to declare to not only themselves, but to all, that they have come through it and survived, with their love and lives intact!

For others, their original wedding ceremony may have been fraught with pressure, was insincere, or they were too young and had not much say in the process, and they wish to recreate the day in their own personal way.

Even though Renewal of Vows Ceremonies can be held on any day the couple wishes, on many occasions, they will chose to hold it on the anniversary of their original wedding, so that the day has an increased significance.

Whilst Renewal of Vows Ceremonies incorporate most of the same elements as an original wedding, they don’t have the obligation to prove ‘identity’, and ‘being legally able to marry’, by providing birth certificates and divorce documents.

Also, the couple aren’t allowed to include the requirements of a ‘legal’ marriage, such as The Monitum from the Marriage Act and any inference that their Renewal of Vows is a legal Marriage ceremony in any way.