A ‘Naming Ceremony’ is usually held to welcome a new-born child into the immediate family, the extended family and friends, and to the wider community at large. This ceremony is usually sort by secular people who are non-religious in their personal beliefs, but who wish to publically acknowledge the safe arrival of their loved baby like any other proud parents, without a religious based ceremony.

The ‘Naming Ceremony’ conducted by a Registered Civil Celebrant carries no more, or less, ‘legal implications’ than a Christening Ceremony conducted by a member of the clergy; they are both welcoming ceremonies for the child and have no actual legal bearing on the child’s name. The actual naming of the child is done when its birth is registered with the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.


Dear Bruce,

Thank you for the wonderful ceremony you conducted to welcome our darling daughter into the world and to introduce her to our family and friends. Your words were so special and inspiring, and it felt like you were one of the family on the day.

Best wishes,

Renee and Sean